Laser cutting

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is advanced cutting technology of various materials that doesn‘t require additional processing. The laser can be used to cut a wide variety of shapes very carefully, quickly and accurately. This technology has a wide range of capabilities and uses different power beams to implement a variety of ideas.


The most suitable for laser cutting is deciduous tree‘s wood and plywood. Cutted parts can be of various complexity and finesse. Beautiful patterns can be obtained by laser cutting. The relief of the element can be even large. For laser cutting the best wood is 3-4 mm thick birch plywood (without branches). Souvenirs, models, toys and other products can be made of this material. We also cut very thin wood fiber sheets and bales for aviation models. The cutting edges are smooth and dark.


Laser cutting on paper / carton opens up unlimited possibilities for fantasy. It allows you to cut very small patterns, letters, logos quickly and qualitatively. The contour is smooth and minimally affected by heat. Ideal for postcards, cards, wedding invitations and others.



We can cut plastic by laser that do not contain PVC (polyvinylchloride is a common plastic. It often using for interior details in buildings and cars, pipes, electrical insulation and so on. t.). Plastic cutting by laser is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a luxurious product that is durable. Rowmark plastic is a widely used material for advertising production and is ideal for both laser cutting and engraving (plastic is used for outdoor and indoor information boards, promotional signs and various other products).


Laser can cut various fabrics such as: cotton, synthetic wool, felt, silk, flis, chiffon and so on. The cutting out of natural fabrics requires additional edge machining, as the edges do not melt and can start to fall. In contrast cutting out of synthetic fabrics the edges melt and do not require additional machining.


Laser cuts thin, diverse leather – both natural and imitation leather. When cutting natural leather, the place cutted can be sooty, lubricate or spread the smell of burns.


Laser can cut desired stencils out of flexible thin plastic, plywood or cardboard.


  • Stickers for various cars and transport (also car wrapping).
  • Plastic stickers
  • Industrial stickers
  • Informative stickers
  • Office stickers
  • Metallized stickers
  • Stickers for advertising
  • Stickers for sports or other awards
  • Gift stickers etc.